Thursday, May 31, 2012

Edge Summit: Drinking from a Fire Hydrant

Edge Corp Summit number one is complete but the fun has only just begun!

Because I had to ask several times today what day it is, it’s hard to believe all that has happened in the last two weeks.  I graduated college, took a road trip to Colorado and had a life-changing week at my first Edge Corps Summit Training. 

Oh boy has God rocked my little world in the last couple of weeks. I had major doubts that I was meant to be at Summit with over 70 new Edge Corps staff.  
(P.S. I am going to mention now that this is the largest staff The Navigators has had yet! …yeah so cool).

(A couple of key themes that ran thought my head): 
-I haven’t walked with the Lord that long, why do they want me here?
-I have not thought, talked or prayed like many of them.
-I have a hard time communicating, period. 
-I am not ready like they are.  
-Maybe this is too far outside my comfort zone.

Talk about a major panic attack and the biggest urge to run, run far far away.

Oh but God is good and more than patient.  He wasn’t about to let me go running 
(except up the sides of a couple mountain trails during free time), 
but He did walk me through many of my fears. 

I was meant to be there.  And He blessed me.  From the Bible studies, seminars on trusting God and prayer, to the amazing friends and coaches who encouraged and listened to me all week, God has prepped me for the next step He wants me to take.

Believe me, I am still more than scared (accompanied by a pair of sweaty palms), but this isn’t about me.  I may be the only Bible someone may ever know.  How can I deny someone the opportunity just to hear about what Jesus has done for me and what He has and can do for them?

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. 
Do no be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord 
your God will be with you wherever you go” 
Joshua 1:9

…but all your fighting men, fully armed, 
must cross over ahead of your brothers. 
You are to help your brothers until the Lord gives them rest, 
as he has done for you,and until they too have 
taken possession of the land that the 
Lord your God is giving them. –Joshua 1: 14b-15a

EDGE Summit: See ya next December!

Yesterday was the last day of our EDGE Summit and we are now sitting around the kitchen counter of HB's aunt and uncle's house in Denver, CO. The last week was exhausting and wonderful, with many great memories, LOTS of information [drinking out of a fire hydrant, anyone?], and the development of many amazing friendships! Here are some highlights of the last two days....

HB finally realized her life dream of seeing the famous big horn sheep at the Glen!
And KC got to cross spelunking off her bucket list! [Just kidding... it was just a crevasse at the Garden of the Gods]
Mary, our sassy [and AMAZING] support-raising coach.
Petah [aka Peter]... please notice the Texan belt buckle [it had an eagle on it] and the cowboy boots that are barely visible. "Yes, ma'am."
HB and new friends from all over! [Rolllll tide!]
Flo featuring KC. Deuces.
The whole gang.

Saying goodbye to all these wonderful new friends was hard, but really, we were just saying, "See ya next December!" Can't wait til Summit 2! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Truth Tuesday: Tomorrow is for Tomorrow

You don't know what each day will look like until you live it. Sure, you can scheme and plan and worry all you like, but you won't really know what each moment holds until it happens.

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. - Matthew 6:34a
Just like the saying "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover," I feel the same is true for each moment, each day that God gives us. Don't judge your day by its circumstances or anxiety of what's to come. Live it. Let each moment happen, and let God orchestrate your day. Live in the present, enjoying the blessings that God gives you. Tomorrow is for tomorrow.

Friday, May 25, 2012

EDGE Summit: Day Four

Here are some highlights from today's hike that we took during free time... great time in the great weather with great friends! 

The path we trudged 

Roomie and HB.

HB and some new friends.

HB & KC in the sun!

KC and her crazy awesome hair skills... oh, and the beautiful Colorado landscape.

The boyz.

Roomie and KC.

Crazy caterpillar action.

P.S. We start our funding training on Sunday... prayers for that would be great! 

EDGE Summit: The First Few Days

This has literally been a few of the coolest days of my life. Meeting people from all over the country. Hiking up to beautiful, clear waterfalls and pools. Eating every meal in a castle. Laughing until my side hurts. Listening to speakers who are mature in their faith and intimate in their walk with Jesus. Adventuring through Colorado Springs late at night to find some Vick's Vapor Rub. Continually joking about accents. Learning more about my Savior. Seriously, this is my job.

A group of girls from ALL over... Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and more! The two girls in the middle are rooming with KC and I.
At the waterfall.
At the Punch Bowls! Quite a hike, but SO worth it!
KC and a new friend jumping in.... 
It was COLD! [Or so I was told!] :)
Some of the guys helping each other up the slide between the "bowls."
 Overall, I am feeling SO BLESSED to be here right now! Not only is Colorado beautiful, the people amazing, and the food delicious, but Jesus is so present! I love how all of the sessions have been so gospel-centered and always coming back to Jesus. We have had tons of time to dig into scripture, and lots of time for relationship building as well. I just keep thinking "How can this be real?! Am I really here, experiencing all this cool stuff?" Everyone has been so welcoming, vulnerable, and loving... we really are feeling like a family after only 2 1/2 days here, and I am so excited to get to walk along these men and women for the next year or two!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yeah for Colorado Springs!

We are in Colorado Springs!

It was a road trip to remember!

After two days of traveling, it was great to arrive at
“The Glen” (as it is known) and finally be out of the seated position.

“The Glen” is one of the most beautiful places ever!
No worries, pictures will be coming (you’re welcome Mom).

Our roommates are from Texas and Tennessee.
HB has already picked up the word “y’all”.
& many others enjoy our lovely Midwest accents.

But after some hiking and delicious food, sleep is a must.
We will update all that we are up to soon.

Until then, enjoy the photo montage ….

Gothenburg, NE & the pony express!

The Midwest Edgers... minus Kristin. Notice our AWESOME free pot holders that "Deb's grandma" [the owner of the bakery] gave us at the local donut shop! 

We are finally friends.

Welcome to COLORADO!
(can you find Patrick?)

Flying by Denver.

Monday, May 21, 2012

...AND, We're Off!

Life update: We are in Nebraska!

We started off bright and early from Minneapolis and after a full day of driving we are safe and sound in Gothenburg, Nebraska! Tomorrow, after we hit up the local donut shop, we will be on our way to COLORADO! 

Today's trip went smoothly, and included some napping, lots of snacking, and a healthy dose of dancing. We played a version of "yellow car" for the majority of the trip, learned more about each other, and even talked engineering a bit! [We have two rocket scientists in our midsts, people!]

Here are some highlights from today:

Ready to hit the road!
It's a man thing
Sadly, no discounts were given.

P.S. You'll be getting a full group picture of the 7 of us roadtrippers tomorrow! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy weekend! Here's a little rundown of OUR weekend... and the days ahead!


YES. We did it. We are in the prestigious "Four Years" club. Yesterday we battled out the heat, the crowds, and the hours of listening to names to receive our diploma (or an empty leather holder) and a handshake from some old guy in a funny hat. 
Life goal: Accomplished.

2. We leave for Colorado for EDGE Summit TOMORROW!!! There we will meet a majority of our EDGE "class"- about 70 other young folks (with about 45 attending training in June for a total of about 115) who will be serving with the Navs all over the country! We will receive training on fund raising and all kinds of fun things [aka, we're not really sure what else yet, but we'll keep you updated!].

3. We are SO EXCITED!!! [Can you tell? :)]

4. YOU can be praying for us! How? Well let us tell ya!
  • Safe travel on the road for Monday and Tuesday
  • Team unity as 7 of us travel out together and for the 50 or so that will be out there all 10 days
  • That each of us would get all the addresses that we need and get everything in order for our training [Don't think we have your address, but want to be in the loop? Send us a Facebook message or e-mail, or comment here!]
  • That GOD would get all the glory as we learn more about Him and how to advance His Kingdom on campus

5. Keep following the blog and look forward to the launch of our Roadtrip Series! See ya in Colorado! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Countdown Continues...

4 days until we GRADUATE COLLEGE.
7 days until we arrive in Colorado Springs.
17 days until we embark on our lovely little roadtrip around beautiful Colorado.
21 days until we float back down to reality.

WELCOME, three weeks of pure excitement, Jesus time, and the road!

Truth Tuesday: It's Not About Me

God has uniquely made me.  I have a distinct personality, different likes & dislikes from others, different opinions, different ways of doing things and dreams for my life.  Sometimes I am get frustrated with who I was and who I am.

Why can’t I be like that?
Why can’t I do that?
Etc. Etc. Etc.

But God has made me the person I am for a reason.  Now, that doesn’t give me the excuse to be complacent.  I am the person God needs me to be right now, but He isn’t done with me.  Denying that puts doubt in His sovereignty and love for me. 

Lately, I have been realizing how much I think about myself, my situations, my feelings, peoples’ reactions to me…the list goes on. I was a little grossed out by that fact.  Even with the right intension of not being self-centered, I was wrapped up in me.  That’s the thing about intentions….they aren’t actions.  Actions actually require movement.

Okay so here is my point…finally, right?

I am going to meet people who are completely different than me: in convictions, God’s plans for our lives, and so much more, but I think we get stuck in worrying about the little things that we get away from the point….JESUS.  That’s all that really matters.  I need God’s strength everyday to walk away and remember it’s not about me! I don’t need to prove I am right and try to be good enough because thinking and doing all that still all comes back to me. I need an attitude check and eyes to see His action in my life. It's all about Him. I need His guidance to give up intentions and choose action.  Action resulting in obedience. 

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