Monday, February 24, 2014


Wow! It has been absolutely FOREVER since I've posted on the blog. I guess life just got really busy and blogging took a back burner. But I'm back! I've got a couple posts up my sleeve and am excited to share life with you guys again. But for now I thought we could just play a little catch-up on how my "14 in 14" is going- the 14 little hopes and dreams [maybe even sorta goals] I have for myself in 2014. So thus far I have completed or made significant progress on five out of the 14!

#1. Run a 5k
I signed up for The Color Run in EC on April 27th! This run is known as the happiest 5k on the planet so I figured it would be the perfect one to start with! [I've also heard that there is a lot of walking due to the nature of getting colored chalk thrown at you... so let's just say it's a very good one to start with.] :)

#2. Learn a new song on the guitar
One of the lovely ladies I live with recently showed me how to pick "Counting Stars" on the guitar. I might not be a pro yet, but the fact that I know how to pick anything definitely warrants bonus points. 

#3. Live on a budget
It's happening! Since the beginning of the year I have been keeping a budget and it's actually pretty neat. Of course, I'm only in my second month of it, but it seems to be working well and actually giving me more freedom with my moolah.

#8. Make [at least one] art journal, mini-album, or scrapbook
A couple weeks ago I purchased a Project Life core kit along with some Sn@p products and started a 2013/2014 super easy scrapbook. I'm excited to continue working on it throughout the year... now I just need to remember to take and print photos!

#9. Wear my hair in a style I've never done before
Funny story. A few weeks back we had a Navigators conference in my hometown. This is literally the only place I will get my hair cut because the lady there just knows my hair so well and I haven't had an awkward cut since I started going to her years ago [prior to her I had a pretty long string of unfortunate haircuts]. So of course I made an appointment since I'd be in town and after she got done cutting my hair she asked if she could braid it and I told her that she could do whatever she wanted. So she did! And I ended up going to this conference looking like I was headed to prom- poufs, braids, twirly bun, the whole nine yards. It was pretty excellent. 

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