Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looking At

I love figuring stuff out. I love looking back, seeing where I've been, and looking now at where I'm at. I love looking deep within myself and discovering something I hadn't seen before. I love answers. I love reasons. I love control.

But something I've been realizing lately is that no matter how much I look back, no matter how much I look in, it will never be as important as looking at HIM.

I can look at my wounds and past all day and not get anywhere and look at Jesus for a second and it changes everything.

Looking back, looking in... it's necessary. Every once in awhile. It's crucial to our emotional well-being. But looking at. Well that's just a whole different ball game. Because even if we look back or in, and don't find what we're looking for- answers, reasons, control- we can be certain that when we look at- the One who created us and loves us perfectly- we will always come away with something better than what we were looking for.

And while I've found that I have to limit myself to how much I look back or in, there's no limit on how much I look at Jesus... the more I look at Him, the more I become like Him. And that's just a-ok with me.

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