Monday, February 29, 2016


Yesterday I turned 26.

My 25th year of life brought with it a lot of change, travel, and excitement.

It was the year that Brian and I attended a seminar on sex trafficking that lit a fire in us that has ultimately led to leading an anti-trafficking group at our church and going to SE Asia a few weeks ago.

It was the year that we went on 3 #keepthelovealive retreats and celebrated our one year anniversary with a staycation.

It was the year we went to Nebraska to visit family twice, went to the North Shore for a Block family vacation, went to weddings in Wisconsin and Minnesota, visited friends in Eau Claire and Rochester, and of course took countless trips to Warsaw to visit Brian's family.

It was the year we saw Pentatonix in concert and watched all the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies. (#goals)

It was the year we hosted a #staymarried summer group, went on countless double dates, did a study on feeling 'stuck' with a friend, attended numerous conferences and seminars, and started getting trained in Biblical Counseling.

It was the year that we moved into the house we're renting and that Brian got a new job.

It was the year that we got a new niece and a new nephew. (So much love!)

It was the year we rode an elephant, played with baby tigers, lions, and leopards, and travelled to a foreign country together.

It was the year that we saw God's grace sustain us, His joy fill us, and His hope renew us. We saw His goodness through the ups and the downs, the constant and the changes.

It was a good year. Thank you 25, for showing me a good time. I'm looking forward to another wonderful trip around the sun. 26, you in??


  1. were really that busy?! I feel privileged to have gone shopping with you a few times as well as a walk or two and some Christmas baking!

    1. I'm glad we got to do those things too! This is just the big-picture... it hardly included all the wonderful little day-to-day things I enjoyed in year 25!


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