Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sneak Peak: Bedroom

I'm back! I'm back! And this is my very first time writing as Mrs. Heather Douglas. And boy, do I love the sound of that! The Mr. and I got back from our honeymoon on Friday and have hit the road running this weekend on getting our apartment put together! There's a lot still in process, but I wanted to give you just a little sneak peak into one of my favorite rooms of the house... our bedroom! 

We (well, let's be real, the bridesmaids and I) had made this ribbon as a backdrop to be hung from the arch we got married under, but it ended up being a bit too windy the day of our wedding. So instead, we hung it above where we sat at the reception and it was still perfect. As I was making it I was definitely envisioning it going over our bed after the wedding so I was so happy to see that it turned out!

We got this lovely brass headboard for just $25 on craigslist! I love the shine that it brings into the room and it goes great with the framed art above the bed!

This gem can be found at Hobby Lobby... which if you live in the cities... get excited... drumroll please... they are opening a location in Maple Grove! I almost peed in delight when the lady in Duluth told us (we snagged this puppy on our honeymoon). However, I think Loverboy might be a little frightened. For our bank account. It's kinda reasonable. [Kidding, hunnnyyy]. ;)

I just love this space! I love that there's a reminder of our wedding day right above our bed, and I just love how everything came together so nicely. Keep your eyes peeled for more sneak peaks and hopefully a room reveal or two in the near future!

P.S. Married life rocks! My champ of a husband just walked in the door with this. Parks and Rec and chinese take-out sounds pretty amazing right now! Peace out!

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