Thursday, June 23, 2016

Currently & Exploring NE Minneapolis

Hey friends! It's been a little quiet in this corner of the internet, so I wanted to share some of the things that are happening in my life currently. 

Obsessing over-- These free lock screens and prints by French Press Mornings! A friend told me about them after I saw a bunch of cute scripture prints all over her house and I'm so excited to print some out for my own home!

Listening to-- Redeemer by Paul Cardall. This is seriously the most relaxing and inspirational instrumental song I've heard in a long while. I can just sit and listen to it on repeat. And it's amazing background writing music. :) 

Planning-- A little sale for all the Mysa Home Styling Newsletter subscribers that I'll be sending out on Monday. Make sure you're signed up to get in on this sweet deal! :) 

Reading-- A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers. Loverboy and I are reading this together at night and it is SO GOOD. I've read the trilogy before, but it's fun to read with Brian. It's basically a book about ancient Rome and gladiators and slaves and rich politicians and romance (ooh lala!) and all kinds of fun stuff! 

Enjoying-- Playing around with my new camera! It's been so much fun to have something besides my iphone (and my own two eyes) to see the world through. Last night Loverboy and I took a walk around the neighborhood—our usual little loop—and having a camera with really made me notice things I hadn't paid attention to before. Here are a few little snapshots from our "photo walk." Brian kept saying that I was getting distracted from my walking by taking photos and getting distracted from taking photos by walking. Ha! What a goof!


  1. Great photography!

    I'm listening to "Redeemer". Ahhhh, yes, nice and soothing! Thanks for sharing. :) I just came in from working in my flower beds, so I need a little relaxation!

    Love ya! Nana

    1. Thanks! And I really do love that song! :)


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