Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up (& a blog update!)

Another week, another weekend wrap-up! :) This week has been a pretty exciting one for me, as I launched a small home styling business, Mysa Home Styling. You might notice that there's a blog over there, and that might make you wonder if The Things That Make Us Tick is gonna stick around. Well, I can tell you that right now my plan is to keep this baby around for as long as I like writing about life and marriage and faith and food and music and travel and all the other non-home related things that I blog about. So YES! You will still find content here, it just might be slightly less frequent (especially at first here while I'm getting Mysa up and running), and there will probably be less home-related posts here since that will be happening over on the Mysa blog. So if you love home stuff as much as I do, make sure and follow the Mysa Blog!

So without further ado, some sweet stuff I found on the internet this week...
  This Brie and Grape Crostini from A Cup of Jo looks heavenly!

This post on how to style overhead still life photos from the Nesting Place is helpful... especially if you're into Instagram!

And lastly, just try and tell me that this doesn't look adorable. It comes out in a week! 

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