Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three-Tiered Stand DIY

I have a super simple, super cheap, and super cute DIY for you! It's a three-tiered stand that you can use in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever to help organize all those little odds-and-ends.

I got the plates and candlesticks at Savers... all for under $5! (Hint: Savers is 25% off everything on Mondays!) The project itself probably took me 10-15 minutes. So like I said. 

Super simple. Super cheap.

Here's what you need:

Candlesticks. Plates of varying sizes. Some sort of hard-core glue. (I used gorilla, but super glue would work too!)

I've included pictures of each step, and I think each is pretty self explanatory! Enjoy!

Step One.

Step Two.

Step Three.

Step Four.


Now go out there and get crafty! 


  1. I think I already have these supplies available in my collection of 'stuff'. I may have to try this some time! :) Nana

  2. I think I could actually DO this craft! I see three-tiered plates in my future.

  3. I just found this post and love the idea! I'm trying to muster up the motivation to paint our main bath walls and cabinets, and this might be enough to get me started. Or a distraction to keep me from the big project!!

  4. I can see Carver/Loose/Block Christmas now... everyone opening gifts to find that the other person made them a 3-tiered stand!


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